senate house education 兒童興趣班

無論升讀中小學,面試過程都是評估學生語言、交際及應變能力的最好機會。想升讀名校,態度良好且品學兼優更是基本條件。早前被邀請到學校分享面試經歷,筆者就以最基本的問題,探究學生遇到的根本困難。senate house education
90% of our students are in the top 5% of academic achievement in their day schools.
90% of our students have received awards in public competitions
80% of our secondary school students have completed vocational placements and internships.
Half of our students are in the top 2% of intelligence in their day schools, and are recruited by the Education Bureau of HKSAR to receive extra training at the HK Academy for Gifted Education.
Our students consistently receive commendations from their day schools, and are often selected as representatives of the schools in public domain.senate house education


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